Body Trance Formation: 28 Day Weight Loss Program

Body Trance Formation: 28 Day Weight Loss Program
Body Trance Formation: 28 Day Weight Loss Program

​Diet trends come and go. This past year the keto diet has taken social media by storm. However, there’s a new strategy that is about to take your fitness game to a whole other level. The theory (as explained by the author) is that most failed diets are caused by a variety of behavioral limitations, such as a lack of willpower and discipline. One example includes the
discipline to overcome certain food cravings. The solution? Hypnosis. Body Trance-Formation (BTF) is a 28-day program created by hypnotherapist, Stephanie Calzada. “I share a technique that is used to reprogram the very habits, behaviors, and belief systems that keep us overweight,” says Calzada. “It’s primarily our beliefs, specifically our beliefs about ourselves, that hinders our ability to lose weight. Part of the BTF program includes a shift of self-perception. This is going to have a huge
impact on so many lives.” When asked if the BTF program will replace the keto trend, Calzada explains that the program is designed to work in conjunction with a nutrition plan, not in replacement of one. “The BTF would be the perfect supplement to Keto. It teaches readers how to set the right expectations and goals prior to starting any new diet plan. Not to
mention it takes a great deal of self-discipline to overcome carb cravings. Hypnosis helps with that”. A study done by the University of Connecticut found that people who diet with hypnosis lose more than twice as much weight as those who diet without hypnosis. The Body Trance Formation program is explained in this 50-page ebook which also includes a
bonus mp3 downloads.

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